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Voice Ai Station


In conferences, large classrooms,
Up to 200 concurrent connections
Premium live audio sharing solution
Noise filtering, subtitles, real-time translation etc.

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At Large Conference

Until when are you going to attend the noisy meeting?
Voice Ai Station has up to 200 concurrent connections.
Even at a distance of 100m, through the noise filtering,
Offers the highest quality HD live audio service.

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Live Audio

Real-time Translation

Multilingual Subtitles

​Group Message




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5G Wi-Fi

Complies with international standard 5G Wi-Fi, anywhere in the world
Enjoy live audio services without worrying about fee.
Self-hotspot formation, even when the Internet isn't working, You can enjoy Voice Station.

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​NO Return, No collection

Don't you feel uncomfortable about the transceiver used by others? 
Isn't it a hassle to collect and return?
Voice Station is a personal smartphone service.
No collection, no return required.

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​Q&A Group Message

Until when are you going to raise your hand, get the microphone and ask questions?
Voice Station provides group messaging.
In the back seat, you can chat comfortably ask and answer the questions.


​Real-time translation

No problem with lectures or meetings in foreign languages.
It provides real-time translation, multi-lingual subtitling.
You don't have to record it.
I recorded all the lecture stations I took today.



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